What Is Lace Closure And Why Do We Need It?

Lace Closure hair

A lace closure is the greatest choice if your hair doesn’t match your hair extensions or if you don’t have enough hair growth for a leave-out. Learn about lace closures and why you need them.

What Is A Lace Closure?

A lace closure is a popular choice among women because it offers an effortless finish and matches with the weave hair installed. It is a bunch of hair that’s attached to your hair or your weave. Wearing a lace closure protects your natural hair from heat damages and keeps it healthy while enjoying multiple styling benefits. Closures’ flexibility and versatility make them suitable for a wide range of hair types, including natural, permed, and receding hairline.

Different Types Of Lace Closures

different types of lace closure

Lace closures are worn with full sew-ins. They are placed at the top of your head to complete the style. There are mainly 3 types of lace closures, i.e., a free part lace closure, middle part lace closure, and three-part lace closure.

1.Free Part Lace Closure

As the name suggests, a free part lace closure offers unlimited parting options and makes styling your weave hair that much easier. You have the option to create a curvy part, zig-zag part, or deep side parts. It acts like your real hair and offers a natural finish.

2. Middle Part Lace Closure

Middle Part Lace Closure

A middle part lace closure comes with a pre-designed center parting. This type of closure helps you achieve beautiful hairstyles in no time. A middle part lace closure has more closure hair installed near the middle part to make it look realistic, natural, and durable. Most middle part lace closures come with bleached knots and many textures.

3.Three-Part Lace Closure

The three-part lace closure is a normal closure, but the only difference is that it comes with three pre-styled partings for unlimited styling options. The lace has two partings on each side and 1 in the middle. It can be worn in center or side partings.

Why Do You Need A Lace Closure?

Lace closure can be heat-styled, and you have the option to shop from a variety of textures that fits your needs. The biggest reason for needing or using a lace closure is to achieve a natural look while wearing sew-in weave hair and getting beautiful hairstyles without damaging your hair. The lace material also allows your hair and scalp to breathe and grow without disrupting constant heat styling and harmful chemicals from hair care products. Lace closure can also be made into a wig.

How To Care For A Lace Closure?

  • Lace closure cannot be treated like your scalp even though it acts and looks like your real scalp. Depending on the construction of the lace closure, you need to comb from the ends up and hold the roots to avoid tension and breakage.
  • Avoid scratching, tugging, and forceful washing of lace closures. These 3 things can easily damage the lace closure and cause loss of closure hair. Use proper hair care products to take care of the lace closure.
  • Use rollers and other heatless styling methods to prolong its life.
  • Wrap up the lace closure with a silk or satin scarf to prevent matting.
  • Avoid going to bed while your closure and weave hair are wet to prevent tangles and smelly hair.
  • Visit a hair store for regular maintenance.
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