The Best Hair Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

No one wants to be told how bad 2020 was and how the new year isn’t any better — at least so far. However, as spring 2021 begins, a new hairstyle is one way to break up the monotony. Choose to visit your stylist at the salon or need inspiration for at-home styling, this season’s hair trends have you covered. Wear this fresh hairstyle with your natural hair or Weave hair extensions for that extra oomph in your hair.

1.The Mullet

Forget every mullet stereotype you’ve ever seen. The 2021 edition of the cut is fantastic. “Mullets have been less boxy and more feminine in recent years,” LaFond says. “With the softer form, the infamous classic has become a more approachable trend that appeals to all textures.”

Let go of any mullet stereotypes you might have. The cut from 2021 is fantastic. “These days, mullets are less boxy and more feminine,” says LaFond. “The softer form has made the infamous classic a more approachable trend that appeals to people of all textures,” says the designer.

2.Bangs And Only Bangs

Gorgeous bob hair

“Fringe is a perfect first step for people who want to play with their hair without losing length,” Lopez says. There are various bang types to choose from, ranging from blunt to wispy, but this textured fringe is a decent entry point into the bangs lifestyle.

Lopez recommends telling the stylist to soften the bangs, so they develop out more naturally while you’re at the salon.

3.Bob Obsession

Choppy bobs with short curly hair

The bob is still alive and well. The classic chin-length haircut is still famous because it looks great on all hair types. Blunt bobs and blunt ends are common right now,” LaFond says. “They were common before the rise of the lob, but now they’re not only fashionable but also extremely practical.” The razor-sharp edges are aiding in the management of long periods when people cannot see a skilled stylist.” The stylist recommends using a heat protectant like Tamika's Blockade Heat Defense Serum before heat styling to keep hair safe and solid.

4.Chic Curtain Bangs

Feminine curtains

When it comes to bangs, Polko predicts that curtain bangs will remain common this spring. She describes it as “just a good face frame without a complete blunt bang.” “They’re famous because they can be tucked behind your ear without clipping off,” says the designer. Polka likes to use a combination of Nature Lab and other items when styling curtain bangs. The Perfect Repair in Tokyo Perfect Volume Texture and a Leave-in Treatment When they’re wet, mist them and blow them dry straight with a round brush. “Shake it down with your hands and let it naturally part down the middle,” she advises.

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