Simply Gorgeous Hair Look for 4c Hair for summer Look

Get your best summer look with 4c hair
Get your best summer look with 4c hair

With the arrival of summer, women with 4c hair like to wear their hair loose. However, summertime often takes away the length from women; when the temperature is too high, women cut their hair to get a fresh feel. Fortunately, there are 4c hairstyles that achieve gorgeous summer looks with short as well as long hair. Check out these recommendations to create a gorgeous summer look with your 4c hair. These heat-free hairstyles will keep your 4c locks looking fresh for the rest of the summer.

  1. The Low 4C Bun
The Low 4c Bun

The low 4c bun is the easiest and quickest summer hairstyle to keep your hair length. This style keeps your hair off your face, and shoulder helping you stay cool on hot, humid days. The low bun is a flexible hairstyle that goes everywhere, from the kitchen to parties. For parties, you may need more volume on your low bun to add extra oomph. so, get a curly hair weave to make your bun voluminous. Then pair it up with a shiny earring to achieve the summer party look.

2.The Side-Parted Bob Cut

The Side-Parted Bob Cut
The Side-Parted Bob Cut

This is the simple short hair summer look for 4c hair type. It is very easy yet efficient for summer. get a neat bob cut and then create a deep side parting. then apply curl defining cream through your hair to flaunt your natural texture.

3.The Deep Undercut Faux Hawk

The Deep Undercut Faux Hawk
The Deep Undercut Faux Hawk

The curly faux hawk with deep undercut is the trendiest and most stylish summer look for 4c hair. The deep undercut and the curly ringlets match perfectly to achieve a unique hairstyle. you can keep the natural 4c texture if you like, but to go the extra mile make curly ringlets to your natural hair.

4.Afro Space Buns

Afro Space Buns
Afro Space Buns

Here is another summer look to lift your hair off your face, neck, and shoulders. Create this look with natural hair at home while doing your daily household chores. However, if you plan to go out, you might need to make it a little more gorgeous. Space buns look extra-stunning when they rest huge and voluminous on your head.

How do you get the volume? Some volumizing products and techniques may work but weave hair does the magic here. For your 4c hair, purchase two 4c hair weaves, one for each bun. Now, after tying your hair into two space buns, wrap a 4c hair weave around each bun to achieve the volume.

5.Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are the best summer-friendly hairstyle for women with curly hair weave. If you have a 4c hair type, this style is the ideal choice for you. a necklace and a gold hoop earring match your Bantu knots to achieve a gorgeous summer look!

Here are the easiest steps to achieve Bantu knots

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and a conditioner
  • Section your hair into four parts and tie them up separately
  • at each section, create small sub-sections and tie them into ponytails
  • divide the ponytail into two parts and twist them into knots clockwise
  • Finally, secure the knot with bobby pins

Conclusion: These five hairstyles are the gorgeous 4c hair look for you. If you want summer-friendly yet stunning hairstyles, choose one from them. Give a try to all of them if you have time and resources because you will only know which is the best for you!

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