Mother’s Day Routine To Wear And Take Care Of Your Hair Wigs- Indique Hair

Indique hair wigs are made with 100 percent Remy human hair and need the same treatment as your own natural hair. With proper care, all wigs will last up to four years. When it comes to wigs, women have been caring for and wearing them for so long.

Celebrate mother’s day with these helpful tips to wear and care for your hair wigs. Indique Hair offers a certain discount and gets the chance to win $3000 with every hair deal on mother’s day.

Trim the lace to fit your scalp perfectly

If you want our pure wavy lace front wigs or Chaka by Indique iconic straight wig, trimming the lace front wig before securing your wig is one of the most important steps to take when you first receive your unit on this mother’s day.

Simply position the device on your head until you are satisfied with its position, then trim with a good pair of sharp scissors. Begin trimming near the hairline in the center of your forehead to frame your face and forehead. Don’t cut any of the baby hairs that will help your installation look more natural.

The ritual of washing matters

Since we use real human hair in all of our wigs, you will need to wash and condition it on a regular basis to keep it safe. Use sulfate-free shampoos and hydrating conditioners for these hair wigs.

Always wash it in cold or warm water, particularly if it’s a colored wig, as hot water will fade the color over time. Place it on a mannequin head and let it air dry after you’ve washed it and removed all conditioner.

Wigs are a safe choice, but what about your natural hair?

Wigs work better on the scalp when they are as close to your own natural hair as possible, but since everyone’s hair density, texture, and length differ, you have a few choices.

Wear a stocking cap over your natural hair and braid it into cornrows. If you don’t want to use cornrows or braids, there are other options. Slicking the hair back into a ponytail and covering it with the stocking cap often works well.

Once you are done with all these steps ahead, make sure to blend your hair wigs properly. Brush powders and concealer gently along the hairline, parting the hair in the process. Gently dab the concealer onto the lace with a makeup brush or your fingertips. If you match the lace to the color of your skin, it will appear even more natural and discreet. You can also apply these hair care tips on your clip-in hair extensions or any sew-in hair extensions.

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