How To Repair A Hiblow Septic Aerator — Hiblow HP Rebuild Kit

anna senny
3 min readFeb 7, 2022


Rebuild A Hiblow Aerator

If your Hiblow aerator has stopped operating, you can now no longer want to shop for a brand new one. Most of the time while Hiblow stops operating it is the result of damaged diaphragms. Hiblow designed their aerators so that if the diaphragms destroy it’s going to now no longer motive similar harm for your aerator.

This educational will take you to grade via the manner of repairing a hiblow aerator the use of a rebuild package. In this demonstration, we can use a Hiblow HP eighty & a Hiblow HP eighty Rebuild Kit, but the manner is equal and could be paintings for all Hiblow aerators.

Gather all wished supplies.

You will want all of the following to complete.

• Your damaged aerator

• The accurate rebuild package to your aerator

• A Phillips head screwdriver

• A 7mm or 1/four″ wrench

• A Flathead screwdriver

Use the chart below to ensure you purchase the perfect rebuild package for your aerator.

Your Aerator Rebuild Kit

HP 30 Rebuild Kit

HP forty

HP forty Rebuild Kit

HP 60

HP 60 Rebuild Kit

HP eighty

HP eighty Rebuild Kit

HP a hundred Rebuild Kit

HP a hundred LL

HP a hundred LL Rebuild Kit

HP one hundred twenty Rebuild Kit

HP one hundred twenty LL

HP one hundred twenty LL Rebuild Kit

HP a hundred and fifty

HP a hundred and fifty Rebuild Kit

HP two hundred Rebuild Kit

STEP 1: Gather Your Tools & Parts

STEP 2: Remove four bolts

Locate and take away the four bolts at the out of doors fringe of the aerator. You will want the Phillips head screwdriver for this.

STEP 3: Remove Top Cover

Remove the inexperienced pinnacle cowl from the base. This will display the insides of the aerator.

NOTE: The first time that is completed it can be pretty difficult. If wished use a Flathead screwdriver to pry the duvet off.

STEP four: Remove Filter

Remove the square material like clear out this is wrapped across the unit.

NOTE: This may be very cushty be cautious now no longer to tear the clear out.

STEP 5: Detach Rubber L-Tubes From Mounts.

Next det,ach the L fashioned rubber tubes from the mounts. You best want to detach the pinnacle part (as pictured below). You do now no longer want to detach it from the base.

STEP 6: Remove four Screws

Remove four screws at the corners of the mounts to let you take away the mounts and the diaphragms.

STEP 7: Remove Mounting Blocks

Remove mounting blocks, revealing the diaphragms.

STEP 8: Remove Nut

Remove the nut preserving the diaphragms on. Use the 7MM or 1/four″ wrench.

STEP 9: Remove Diaphragms

STEP 10: Put New Diaphragms On

Put the brand new diaphragms on in which the vintage ones used to be.

Replace nut.

STEP 11: Put On New Mounting Blocks

If you got the entire package positioned the brand new mounting blocks on. If you got the diaphragm best package position the vintage mounting blocks again on.

Screw inside the mounting blocks with the four screws.

STEP 12: Put Rubber L Tubes Back On

STEP 13: Put Rectangular Filter Back On

STEP 14: Remove Safety Screw

STEP 15: Put New Safety Screw-In

Put a new protection screw in.

Put the plastic nut on.

STEP 16: Tighten Safety Screw

Tighten the Hiblow protection screw till the two steel plates touch.

STEP 17: Put Hiblow Cover Back On


You have efficiently repaired your Hiblow Aerator. Your aerator needs to now run and not use problems.



anna senny