How To Look Stunning With 4c Ombre Hair For Special Brunch

ombre hairstyles with 4c hair

Are you looking for stunning hairstyles for your 4c ombre hair for a special brunch? Well, look no further. I have a list of hairstyles for 4c hair that you need to wear for your special brunch and a few simple steps to achieve the look. You can achieve the following looks with weave hair extensions and ponytail hair extensions.

1.Half Top Knot For Short Ombre Hair

Coppertop knot hairstyle

Copper ombre hair color is a great choice of color for women with dark skin because it compliments each other. Follow these steps to achieve this beautiful half-topknot hairstyle.

Dampen your hair with water and comb it using a boar bristle brush.

Grab a section of your hair and tie it into a topknot.

Gently loosen the topknot.

Scrunch the loose sections, and you are ready!

2.Faux Mohawk With Ringlets

Faux Mohawk

Faux Mohawk

This beautiful faux Mohawk hairstyle with spiral ringlets is a super chic hairstyle that adds extra height and makes you stand out. Follow these steps to achieve the faux Mohawk hairstyle for your special brunch.

Start by applying mousse to your hair and twisting sections of your hair out to achieve spiral ringlets.

Apply edge control cream on the side and comb it upwards with a boar bristle brush.

As you brush your side of your hair upwards and use bobby pins to hold the faux Mohawk in place.

Continue with the same step on the other side.

These are four steps to achieve a faux Mohawk hairstyle on your 4c ombre hair.

3.Voluminous Ponytail With Ombre Hair

Voluminous ombre ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail Hair extensions are great hair accessories to achieve gorgeous hairstyles for 4c hair. Even if you don’t currently have an ombre hair color, you can use a colored ponytail extension to get this look. Choose a bright-colored ponytail extension because the contrasting colors give you an ombre effect. Follow these steps to recreate this beautiful hairstyle for your special brunch.

Spray water to your hair and comb it thoroughly.

Tie your hair into a ponytail.

Apply mousse around the edges and style them.

Grab your colored ponytail hair extension. Apply hair spray on it to create a voluminous look.

Attach the ponytail extension and secure it with a few hairpins if necessary.

4.Side-Parted Blue Ombre

Side parted blue ombre

This is a gorgeous hairstyle that you can achieve with your 4c hair. It is a straightforward look and does not require any styling steps. Side-part your hair and scrunch it with a hair mousse for a hydrated look. It won’t even take you 5 minutes to get this look.

5.Thick Bun With Curly Bangs

Beautiful bun hairstyle with curly bangs

Are you looking for a chic updo to wear for brunch? This thick bun with curly bangs is the perfect hairstyle for you. The bun keeps hair away from your face, and the bangs help frame your face. Follow these steps to get this look.

Dampen your hair and comb it thoroughly.

Section out the bangs and tie the remaining into a neat bun.

Use a colored ponytail hair extension in 4c texture to achieve a thicker bun.

Apply hair mousse and twist out the bangs.

These are 4 steps to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle.

6.Ombre Double Space Bun

Gorgeous double space bun

A double-space bun is a summer-friendly hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you will need to weave hair extensions in 4c texture to create a fuller look. Even if your hair isn’t colored, the dyed hair extensions help create an ombre look. Follow these steps to create the perfect double space bun hairstyle.

Center part your hair using a rattail comb.

Temporarily tie one section while you work on the other.

Dampen the hair with water and apply a leave-in conditioner.

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Tie the section into a bun.

Grab your weave hair extension and wrap it around the bun. Use a hair tie to secure it.

Repeat the process and you are done!

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