How To Give Your Mom The Best Mother’s Day In Lockdown (Even If You Can’t See Her)

Mother’s Day gift ideas even if she’s far away

This year’s Mother’s Day is different from the previous year with the pandemic and lockdown. 2021 Mother’s Day is going to be different, but that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate and make it memorable for you and your mom even if you cannot see her in person. Below are some ways to make your mom feel special without breaking the lockdown protocols set by the country.

Breakfast In Bed Delivery

Breakfast in bed delivered to your mom’s house

Even if you cannot make a special breakfast in bed for your mom, you can get them delivered. Get in touch with a restaurant that can deliver your thoughtful breakfast menu to your mom’s door. Plan and come up with a menu she will love; add healthy toasts with avocado spread and pastries with berries and a juice. It is a great gesture for the woman who gave you life.

Give Her The Gift Of Amazing Hair

The gift of beautiful hair

who wouldn’t love getting virgin hair extensions and hair wigs as gifts for Mother’s Day? Even if you cannot physically visit a hair store, you can shop online and have them be delivered to your mom’s house for Mother’s Day. There are many clip-in hairs and weave hair extensions to choose from. Shop for lengths and textures that your mom; make sure the gift arrives a day before Mother’s Day because there will be delays as it is a busy business day for brands.

Home-made Mother’s Day Video

This is a simple gesture that speaks in volume. You don’t even need fancy and expensive tools; all you have to do is use your phone camera and record a video wishing your mom a happy Mother’s Day. Be creative and reenact a childhood memory or have everyone at your house participate in the video. Take turns and share your most cherished memory with your mom, get the kids involved and send it through social media that she uses.

Arrange For An At-Home Pamper Session

Just because your mom cannot go to a salon does not mean the salon cannot go to her. Search online and arrange a pamper session for your mom. Check for your local rules about the lockdown and book an appointment for your mother.

Tip: Have someone call you when the hairdresser reaches your mom’s house so you can wish her a happy Mother’s Day and explain your unique gift to her through FaceTime.

Send Her Flowers

Send your mother flowers for Mother’s Day

Fresh flowers are always a great mood booster, and receiving them is the best feeling. Call a florist in your mom’s area, choose her favorite flowers, and get them delivered first thing in the morning of Mother’s Day. Write a note and send it to the florist so that they can put it in the bouquet. Surprise her with seasonal flowers that she can put in a vase after receiving them.

Romantic Dinner For Two

Romantic dinner for two at home

If you cannot send breakfast in bed for your mom on Mother’s Day, you can surprise her with a romantic dinner for two. Ask your father for help and set the romantic mood with candles. Call your mom’s favorite restaurant and order her favorite food. Get them delivered at dinner time. This is a nice gesture for your mom and dad.

Tip: You can ask your parents to wear their finest clothes and sit for a romantic dinner for two.

The pandemic has been stressful for everyone, go the extra mile for your dearest mother on Mother’s Day. Even though you cannot spend Mother’s Day together with your mom, shower her with love, attention, and gifts with the ideas mentioned above. If you are looking for hair extensions and hair wigs, then check out Indique Hair because they are offering a huge sale to celebrate Mother’s. They have different hair textures for every hair type, including 4c hair. Shop today and get them delivered to your mom’s step for Mother’s Day.

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