How to Do a Ponytail That Looks Perfect Every Time

Simple, yet effective hairstyle

Did you know that a ponytail is one of the simplest hairstyles you can wear? It is a versatile style that you can wear at various events such as going for job interviews, going to the gym or at family gatherings. This hairstyle is especially recommended for those women who do not wish to waste time in dressing hair, who play sports and stay busy most of the time with physical work. If you are a big fan of this ponytail hairstyle, here are simple, yet effective guidelines to create a perfect style be it high ponytail, or double ponytails with or without Ponytail weave.

Steps to Create a Ponytail Hairstyle That Looks Perfect Every Time

When we say a ponytail hairstyle is an easy and effective style, it doesn’t mean that everybody knows how to create it well. To have a perfect style, you need to master few steps that are mentioned below;

Step 1: Choose the Location to Place Your Ponytail

High Low Braided Ponytail

Once you decide to have a ponytail hairstyle, the next thing to decide is where to place it. Identifying a place will determine how you should go about creating your up-do. If you are looking for bouncy hair, you can place the ponytail in the level of your temples or above. If you are looking for a sleek and modern look, you can have low ponytails.

Step 2: Brush The Hair in a Proper Direction

Curly Hair Care

Many feel that the only way to brush the hair is in downward motion. You should know that to master any hairstyle, you have to know the right way to brush your hair. Particularly for ponytail hairstyles, the best way to give a perfect look is by brushing your hair in the direction of your ponytail.

Step 3: Add Your Desired Texture

Indique Hair care Essentials

If you wish to create a more voluminous look, try adding texture . Use hair spray like Indique Hair essentials Shine spray and muss it with your fingers a little. If you wish to have even more textured hair, backcomb your hair after applying hairspray.

Step 4: Create a Ponytail

High Or Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Now, you are mastering to create a perfect ponytail for yourself. Grab all of your hair in one bunch and pull it towards where you want to make a ponytail. If you come across any tangled hair, use a round brush to roll over the bumps to make it smoother. Then take a hair elastic and wrap it around your hair multiple times so that your hairstyle doesn’t fall for the whole day. If you’re going with ponytail weave, tighten it well so that it looks natural.

Step 5: Tame the Flyaway Hair

Flyaway Hair with Ponytail

If you ignore this part while creating a ponytail hairstyle, the whole process will be ruined. Better remember to tame fly away by using hair sprays. Moisturize with it by spritzing with a toothbrush. Then brush down and tame the pesky flyaway, giving a final touch for your hair.

Step 6: The Final Touch- An Extra Care for Your Hair

High Braided Ponytail

This step can be an optional one. If you are using a hair band that has the same color as the hair, you can ignore this. However, if you are using contrasting hair band colors, you can hide it by taking a small piece of hair from your ponytail and wrapping it around the hair band. You can use a bobby pin to hold the strand firmly on the underside of the pony making it impossible to notice.

The aforementioned steps are the simple guidelines to help you in creating the perfect ponytail extensions. Practice it everyday to master the hairstyle. This versatile style can be your perfect companion.



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