Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Best hairstyles for different face shapes

The shape of your face is an important factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle or a haircut.

After all, you might have the most beautiful new cut in the world, but if it doesn’t complement the shape of your face, it will be nothing like you’ve hoped for. The perfect hairstyle and cut will frame and highlight your features depending on your face shape. Here are a few hairstyles and haircuts that you can achieve for different face shapes.

Hairstyles For Round-Shaped Face

Long Wavy Layers

Long wavy layers

Long wavy layers are the ultimate long hairstyle for women with round face shapes. The gorgeous layers help frame the face and heighten the hair with a hair volumizer and a few highlights.

Side-Swept Waves

Side-swept layers

Add a touch of glamour to the effortless side-swept wavy hair. Create waves with a curler and apply a touch of hairspray to achieve loose waves.

Shoulder-Length Center Parted Hairstyle

shoulder-length hair with waves

A center-parted hairstyle is the best way to frame and accentuate round face shapes because it works wonders. To style, air dry your hair and apply a texturizing hair spray.

Hairstyles For Diamond-Shaped Face

Blunt Hair Tucked Behind The Ear

Jenna Dewa inspired blunt cut for diamond-shaped face

The best haircuts soften the diamond shape and provide the appearance of a larger, wider forehead and chin.

Highlight your cheekbones and get a haircut that allows you to tuck your hair behind your ear. This is a great short hairstyle for women who want easy-to-style hair.

Beautiful Curly Up-Do

Curly up-do

Women with diamond face shapes are breathtaking. Because the jawline is defined, it’s ideal for up-dos, shorter cuts, and taper cuts that show off those great angles. Show off your features along with the chiseled jaw; try the curly up-do shown in the photo with curls piled on top of the head.

Short Voluminous ‘Fro

voluminous 4c hair

This hairstyle is great for women who are looking for a manageable 4c hairstyle on their diamond-shaped faces. Your face will appear rounder because of the abundant curls. This hairstyle requires a lot of moisture, so invest in a co-wash that will battle frizz while also nourishing hair for up to three days.

Hairstyles For Square-Shaped Face

Tousled Bob/ Lob

Tousled bob

A tousled bob or lob hairstyle is the best hairstyle for women with a square face shape. These two hairstyles will help soften the face shape and accentuate cheekbones.

Center-Parted Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled bob with center part

An angled bob hairstyle makes a square face appear narrow and slim. Get an angled bob haircut with slightly longer layers towards the front and center-part to achieve a slender look.

Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Face

Long Hair With Bangs

Long hairstyle with bangs

Bangs are an ideal way of concealing a wide forehead and framing the face. Keep the bangs just under the brows while sporting different long hairstyles. This trick covers the forehead and helps increase the width of the lower half.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing long layers

If you do not want to cover your forehead completely, go for long face-framing layers to part in various ways.

The shape of your face plays a huge role in how hairstyles and haircuts look on you. Try any hairstyles mentioned above for your face shape and make even the simplest hairstyle look chic and trendy.

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