Balayage vs Highlight : What’s the Difference?

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The history of balayage vs highlights.

Balayage vs highlights — what’s the difference? If you’re considering coloring your hair, you may be wondering which method is best for you. Balayage is a newer technique, while highlights have been around for longer. So, what are the pros and cons of each method? And which one will give you the best results? Read on to find out!

2. What is balayage vs highlights?

balayage vs highlights
balayage vs highlights

Balayage is a (relatively) new hair colouring technique, where the hair is partially or fully highlighted with a brush. The finished look is very natural, just like the sun would streak your hair naturally over time. Highlights are much like traditional foiling, except that the foils are placed much more loosely throughout your hair. They will tend to be more unidimensional, while balayage looks much more seamless. Another big difference is that highlights are done in sections, and the rest of the hair is untouched. Balayage is applied throughout the hair, so it really depends on the salon and the stylist’s technique. Another difference is that highlights are created by a colourist, and balayage is created by the stylist. So it’s not just the technique that matters, but the skill of the stylist as well!

3. Differences between balayage and highlights.

balayage and highlights
balayage and highlights

Highlights and Balayage are the two most commonly used techniques to add some hair color dimension to your hair. Highlights involve using foils to apply color or bleach to a very small part of the hair. The effect is usually subtle, but it also tends to be quite natural. Highlights require a certain degree of skill, and the best hairdressers to get highlights in London are those with plenty of experience. Balayage is a more natural way to add dimension to your hair. It involves free-hand painting a mixture of color and bleach onto the hair, which makes the color a lot more natural-looking. In addition, balayage allows for more creative freedom for the hairdresser, so that he or she can vary the effect to suit the client’s needs.

4. What to look for when getting highlights vs balayage.

brown hair balayage

Highlights, or what a lot of people call balayage, is where the color is painted onto the hair strand and the color looks more like the natural color of the hair. With highlights the goal is to add color and dimension to your hair. With highlights you should always match it to your natural color to get the best look. Highlights look great on all hair color ideas and one of the best things about highlights is that they grow out very nicely and look great when they start to grow out. The key to getting nice highlights is to find a good stylist who has a lot of experience doing highlights.


We hope this blog was helpful in understanding the differences between balayage and highlights, and we wish you a happy coloring experience!



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