8 Celebrity 4cHair Crushes Who Are Inspiring Our Next generation

Rock your natural curls like a pro

The bounce coil curl texture is no longer a rarity on the red carpet. The 4c hair type is what every celebrity approves of and is becoming a major trend. If you have natural tight curls, you are the envy of every other woman. We all have celebrity hair crushes, and there hasn’t been a time when they haven’t worn glorious curly tresses. The 4c hairstyle is as versatile as it gets when it comes to hair texture. Here is a roundup of celeb-inspired curly hairstyles that sparked the interest of our next generation:

#1. Dope Queen Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams flaunting her natural 4c hair

Jessica Williams is the ultimate curly hair muse. Not only does her natural locks flatter her, but she consistently sports protective braided styles. As much as we are obsessed over her curls, Williams’ perfect 4c hair will always remain at the top of our list.

#2. Teyonah Parris

Who doesn’t love flawless curls like Teyonah?

Teyonah Parris’s hair is simply stunning every time we see her. The way Teyonah puts on those elegant hairstyles is a great inspiration for any occasion. Whether you wish to go for something vintage or a sophisticated look, Teyonah has all the inspo you will ever need.

#3. Gabrielle Union

Go for a different kind of curl, a loose tapered curl like Gabrielle Union

There are times when Gabrielle puts on sleek straight hair and times when she rocks the curls. Either way, she has always maintained and embraced her natural curls — setting an example for her kids and encouraging other women.

#4. Issa Rae

Never fail to embrace your curls like Issa Rae in different styles

Issa Rae takes her inspiration from her mother, who rocks her natural curls in every imaginable way. Like mother like daughter, Rae embraces her natural curls and never fails to flaunt them on the big screen. The secret to her gorgeous mane is a healthy hair care regimen for her natural curls. Do it like Issa Rae, and you will never have a bad hair day again.

#5. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae has defined curls that will last forever

Janelle Monae is a beauty queen with weave hair that is too good for words. Her ability to take her styles to the next level is a true inspiration and picture-perfect for Instagram. And the way she pairs her hairstyle with hair accessories is beyond description.

#6. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o, a star from the Black Panther

The silver screen star, Lupita Nyong’o, is yet to show how to pull off a 4c hairstyle like a pro. She styles her hair in high topknots, adorns her crown with accessories, or lets her natural curls take the center stage. No matter what the style, she never fails to channel her lovely natural curls.

#7. Solange Knowles

The kind of look you have dreamed about

The 4c hair of Solange Knowles is truly inspirational. She often pulls off braids and ultra fluffy’ fro tresses using hair extensions for volume and length. Although she keeps her hair short, she continues to win and inspire millions with her hair.

#8. Amandla Stenberg

A curly hair weave style every celebrity approves of

If you are looking for new hairstyle inspiration, Amandla Stenberg could be it. The young actor wears a grammy award-worthy hairstyle ranging from 4c hair to colorful braids. When you’re Amandla Stenberg, your hair will always be on point.

These are some of our favorite black celebs doing it right with naturally curly hair. For us, having good hair days in a row is an achievement, and with a 4c hair type, you know it’s nearly impossible. Don’t worry! This is where hair extension and weave hair comes in handy. Visit Indique hair to get your hands on top-quality virgin hair extensions and bundles.

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