5 Trendy Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas By Celeb Hairstylists

Ponytail ideas that hairstylists approve

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that you can count on for any occasion, it’s our favorite ponytail hairstyle. Ponytails are one of the easy hairstyles you can pull off hassle free. Ponytails are timeless and celebrities wear them to red carpet events. So, why not mix up the classic ponytail with a bit of inspiration from your favorite celebs? This versatile hairstyle perfectly fits for both: a night out with your date and an 8 a.m. workout class. Here’s all the ponytail inspiration you’ll ever need to sport an aesthetic pony:

#1. Picture Perfect Ponytail

Business at the front, Party at the back

Ursula Stephen created Jourdan Dunn’s picture-perfect ponytail. Emphasizing the texture and shape with a little japanese inspired hint, the ponytail is clean and classic with a surprise in the back. Begin with clean, dry hair to achieve a look at home. For added body and length, use virgin hair extensions. Gather your hair into a ponytail and cut the virgin hair in a straight line across the back to align with the top of your shoulder.

#2. Bubble Ponytail

Enhance your bubble pony with hair bundle deals

Tessa Thompson’s long-time hairstylist, Lacy Redway, pulled off a bubble ponytail that would be chic for a wedding or any other occasion. Achieving a bubble ponytail isn’t as difficult as it appears, though you might need skills like Redway’s to achieve this level of perfection. Start with a high ponytail; consider hair extensions like Thompson’s for extra length and volume. Secure an elastic every two inches and tug each section to make it look like a “bubble.”

#3. Clean Edge Ponytail

Keep it clean to embrace your appearance

This simple ponytail is perfect for brunch or simply a hot summer day. You can master the look in minutes, and the best part is that it is simple and requires little upkeep. By keeping your pony clean, you can embrace the face structure. The hairstyle is incredible and will keep you looking hot all summer.

#4. Mini-Braided Ponytail

Pair an elegant braid with your ponytail

A ponytail with a lot of texture and small details, like a small braid, creates a hairstyle that’s so pretty, you can wear it at any special event. Try out this ponytail look on second- or third-day hair as it will benefit the ponytail look — grip and texture. To make this hairstyle your own, start with a generous spritz of texturizing spray. If you’re a curly haired girl, use your fingers to distribute the texturizer into your hair evenly.

#5. Ponytail With Bangs

Consider this face framing ponytail with bangs

Bangs are one of the most elegant ways to elevate your ponytail look. Pair bangs with a ponytail to add pretty details to your ponytail. This look is highly raved by hairstylists because the bangs are amazing at framing the face. If you want to make a small transformation, you should try this look.

Ponytails are not just for long hair. There are plenty of styling options, and all you need for a cute ponytail hairstyle is a little transformation. Switching up the classic ponytail is insanely easy to do. With Long Layered hair , you can experiment with any hairstyle without damaging your natural hair.

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