4 Gorgeous Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try.

Are you looking for hair ideas that will give them significant volume and style without making them appear short? Well, if you love to keep your hair long and do not wish to reduce the length, then try adding layers to them. It will significantly add new dimensions to your long hair. Try these 4 long layered hairstyles that will give you a chic and attractive look.

1. Long layered hair

Achieve soft yet manageable long hair by adding layers to them. The hair’s length won’t be short so much as it will touch some inches from the ends. The layers add fantastic texture and volume if you have thin or fine hair. The layered hairstyles are the perfect way to frame your face shape. You can also use hair spray to lock the hairstyle in its place.

2. Shoulder length layered hair

Do you have shoulder-length hair that is hard to manage and looks dull at a time? Then try this fantastic hairstyle by adding layers to them. Choose subtle layers at the jawline for shaping up your face on the point. It will also look edgy, and one thing you can side part your hair in any style, and your layers will look gorgeous.

3. Layered hair with side bangs

Experience a new hairstyle with layers that will add movement and looks bouncy. Give a twist if you have bangs by adding subtle layers on them as well. Give yourself a break from those straight to block fringes.

4. Layered curly hair

I love naturally curly hair weave that makes me feel gorgeous all the time. But at the time it becomes boring to have it style in the same way. So I choose a layered haircut on it. You may think it will look over-styled but trust me, it is one thing I do not regret. The layers on curly hair keep curls intact. You can achieve this look in medium to long curly hair. If you feel your hair is too light, try using mousse or wet cream to dampen your hair and blow-dry it for a good look.

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